SAWE Aircraft Weight and Balance Class

The SAWE Texas Chapter will be hosting the SAWE Aircraft Weight and Balance Class on Saturday and Sunday, September 23-24, at the 2017 Texas Regional Conference.

Class Description:

The class will consist of about 8 hours of lecture and a “hands-on session” that will include weighing an aircraft.

The instructor will assume the student has basic knowledge of weight and balance. The class will demonstrate and teach proper procedures for weighing and completing forms for military aircraft. A take home test will be provided.

The lectures will use T.O. 1-1B-50, (T.O. 1-1B-50 is being replaced in 2009 with a joint service weight and balance manual), as a course reference. The classroom discussion will include definitions; instructions on the DD 365 series forms; and the use of the AWBS (Automated Weight and Balance System), AFF (automated Form F generators), load adjusters, and Vector diagrams.

The “hands-on” session will include actual weighing of and aircraft and demonstration of recommended procedures for aircraft handling, equipment techniques, leveling, jacking, and other tasks.

The intent of this class is to provide the student with an understanding of a weight and balance system and “pitfalls” involved with weighing aircraft. The class will conclude with a “take home” test to verify that the class has provided the student with the basic knowledge necessary to perform weight and balance on an aircraft without help from others.

Basic calculators, paper, pencils, pens, and “highlighter” may be needed for examples and exercises. Wear khakis or jeans since part of the class is in an aircraft hangar. For safety reasons, wear rubber soled shoes. No open toed shoes will be allowed. Students may be exposed to the hazards of weighing an aircraft and jet fuel vapors.

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