Chapter Meetings

Upcoming Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on March 14th at 6:30 PM at a location TBD


Paper discussion for 83rd Virtual Conference

Election of Chapter Officers

Meeting notes

  • 📅 07 December 2023
  • 👥 Kevin Basila, Pat Brown, Jeff Froemming, Naila Judy, Jim Smith, and Chris Wandell

Tasks ✅ – Old Business

  • Company support in the society has decreased. Four past presidents are convening to discuss how to flip companies and garner support for membership

Agenda 📑

  • Come up with paper ideas
  • New member engagement

Discussion 💬

  • Notational paper ideas were:
    • Actual Weights
    • Data management
    • Identifying outliers (mp data)
  • Agenda idea for next time: Go over old papers and revamp
  • Reach out for new member engagement:
    • Piper (Rajan reached out to already)
    • Embraer
    • Pratt & Whitney
    • NG E-2
    • NASA (John)
    • Jacobs
    • Relativity
  • To finish it off, the night concluded with s’mores at the saltwater cowboy’s’ firepit.

📅 14 October 2022

  • 👥 Bill Boze, Pat Brown, Jeff Froemming, Karla Gregg, Kent Melcher, Jim Smith, Chris Wandell, Travis Wellman, Damien Yañez

– Old Business

  • Add Conference Treasurer to Conference Bank account
  • Get cost for mass properties certification
  • Make a reference (2-3 slides) for possible mass properties certification exam preparation/training

Agenda 📑

  • International SAWE President Damien Yañez and Executive Director Bill Boze attended the chapter meeting to introduce themselves to the 2023 International Conference planning committee
  • Bill Boze gave the Florida Space Coast chapter a dry run of his presentation Mass Properties in Manufacturing

Discussion 💬

  • As Bill Boze started his presentation, he gave a shout out to Paper No.3300. The Value of Mass Properties Engineering, by Roger Belt, RIP, as a paper that influenced him to author this.
  • Throughout the presentation on Mass Properties Naval Manufacturing, Mr. Boze elaborated on lots of interesting stories.
    • Failed Lift Stories Crane Overload
    • Ship Erection Stories
    • Inclining Stories
  • After the presentation concluded, an open discussion started, relating Aircraft MP Engineering vs Naval MP Engineering.
  • To finish it off, the night concluded with a stroll down downtown Melbourne, with a late night burger at The Burger Place.

Our first recent Chapter Meeting was held on June 23, 2022. Seven members were in attendance.

From Left: Jeff Froemming, Kent Melcher, Jim Smith, Karla Gregg, Pat Brown, Travis Wellman, Chris Wandell

  • 📅 23 June 2022
  • 👥 Pat Brown, Jeff Froemming, Karla Gregg, Kent Melcher, James Smith, Chris Wandell, Travis Wellman

Tasks ✅

  • Add Conference Treasurer to Conference Bank account
  • Get cost for mass properties certification
  • Make a reference (2-3 slides) for possible mass properties certification exam preparation/training
  • Vote Chapter Directors

Agenda 📑

  • How to increase attendance for future local meetings
  • Planning for next year’s conference
  • Path to mass properties certification and those who desire informed mass properties engineers
  • Recap from 2022 International Conference meeting

Discussion 💬

  • Jim suggested we go around the room and solicit ideas how to drum up enthusiasm for future local meetings…Some ideas that were tossed around:
    • gather around food
    • partner with other chapters eg Mojave, or Southeast chapter, to have
      trivia night, or technical talks, respectively
  • Karla brought up having a family picnic – to allow parent(s) and kids to engage.
  • International conference planning meetings were discussed. The cadence would be monthly.
  • Northrop Grumman campus would be a good place to hold conference planning meetings. There are several eight (8) buildings at the Melbourne (MB) site with multiple conference rooms that could be booked.
  • Chris asked what does a path to mass properties certification looks like. He would like to explore those who desire informed mass properties engineers and see what the level of their buy-in they possess.
  • Pat recapped lessons learned from 2022 International Conference meeting.  The Southeast Chapter did a fine job with conference swag, identifying that the preparation for the original FSC conference back in 2021 seemed to lack identification and purchasing of conference tchotchkes.   Nice to have at least one item for posterity that has the stenciled date of the specific Int’l Conference. Secondly, registration software was under-utilized. Thirdly, there was no protocol for endemic surge, eg, no test kits, mask requirements, etc.
  • There needs to be a tchotchke point person or committee.
  • We need to get as familiar as possible, as early as possible with the ins and outs of Cvent (Did you know that Cvent has a Slack-like functionality ?)
  • 2023 Host committee needs to ensure that we have some large signage with QR code possible at entrances to the hotel, or where it makes sense, and other signage all over.
  • 2022 Officers were nominated for 2022-2023. Jim Smith was nominated for President by Karla Gregg and seconded by Pat Brown. Immediately following, our Secretary, Jeff Froemming, was endorsed and seconded by the President. The remaining two positions, Vice–President and Treasurer were nominated barring no objections from the constituency and seconded by both the President and Secretary. The Director position remained unchallenged with Pat in the Director’s Chair.

Chapter Board Members

Your 2022-2023 Officers:

President: Jim Smith will be replacing Bill Milianta

Secretary: Jeff Froemming will be replacing Danny Morgan

Vice President: Karla Gregg will be replacing Nick Thies

Treasurer: Chris Wandell will be replacing Bill Young

Director: Pat Brown remains Director

After Party

  • After the meeting, some of us enjoyed a moonless stroll on the beach. No, no funny business. We were looking for nesting sea turtles! Plenty of evidence of previous turtle activity, but did not see any active swimmers.