The S.A.W.E. Central European Chapter is active since more that 40 years.

In May 1978, 2007 and 2012 , the Central European Chapter organized the International Conferences in Munich, Madrid and Munich again . More that 200 participants were attending the conferences.

The Chapter also held 5 Regional Conferences being a big succes on thecnical content.

The Central European chapter membership is comprised of about 46 engineers who are involved with weight engineering /mass properties in the design and construction of aircraft, ships, in universities and in the operation of aicraft in airlines.

Our Chapter, includes members from from Spain, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Germany,France , Netherlands,… the different European Cultures are present . This enriches us : the more the diversity of our cultures, the greatest the technical content of our Chapter.

We are organized to ensure a proper fullfilling of our duties as a SAWE Chapter with the following Committees :

Executive Committee : SAWE Central European Chapter Officers

Director & Treasurer  Werner Sellner
Sellner Aerostructures

Werner was one of the founders of the European section in 1973, and since then has been a director of our section, to which he has contributed with several papers.
The honorary member of our society continues to serve SAWE as deputy of VPTD in Europe.

Participates in the BOD meeting held prior to the International Conference.  The DIRECTOR should ascertain his chapter’s position on all issues coming before the Board.  If the chapter decides to bring an issue or business matter before the Board, it shall be the Director’s responsibility to contact the International President to request that such items be included on the agenda.The CHAPTER TREASURER shall issue all notices for individual membership dues for his Chapter

President : Ruben Gonzalez

Ruben has been collaborating with the Society for a long time. Since 2002 he has participated in more than 10 conferences. He was awarded the Ed Payne Award in 2008 and became Vice President in 2014. Ruben has presented several papers during recent conferences.

” The CHAPTER PRESIDENT shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Executive Committee. He shall have general supervision and direction of all Chapter Officers and of its committees, and shall see that their duties are properly executed.​”

Vice-President : Uwe Kueper
Retired ( Airbus)

Uwe , former Head of Mass Properties in Airbus Defence & Space, was the Chairman of the International Conference in Munich 2012 .

” The CHAPTER VICE-PRESIDENT shall preside in the absence of the Chapter President. The Chapter Vice-President shall act as Chair of the Chapter Projects Committee and shall appoint the chairmen of the various Chapter Projects.​.​

Secretary : Dirk Petersen
Retired ( Airbus )

Dirk gained knowledge and experience in the Mass Properties profession working for AIRBUS from 1987 to 2021. What kept him in the profession was the chance to experience almost every detail of the development and operation of an aircraft.

He was involved in all Airbus commercial aircraft programs from early concept to serial production phases, as well as refurbishing of aircraft during their operational phases. Close collaboration with worldwide suppliers was one major topic during his career, another one being the support of others.

Being passionate about aircraft he gained his Private Pilot License in 1991 and can be found on airfields all over Europe.

Dirk is a member of SAWE-CEC for more than 20 years. Since January 2022 he is leading the SAWE Certification Program. In addition, he is a member of the SAWE Mentoring Committee.

The CHAPTER SECRETARY shall maintain a complete and accurate record of all Chapter meetings and all Executive Committee meetings. 

​ The SAWE Certification Program enables you to demonstrate your competency in the field of mass properties, which will benefit yourself and your customers.

Additional SAWE-CEC Executive Committee Members

Claudia Rosenberger

Claudia is usb GmbH CEO . Key contributor to the Central European Chaper during the last years and author of several Papers.

 Chapter Publications Officer : Jose Maria Gutierrez
Retired ( Airbus )

Jose Maria has developed his entire carrier in Mass properties activities since 1986 when he joined the Mass Properties Department in Construcciones Aeronauticas S.A. (CASA) , now AIRBUS. He participated in different Programs, always in Military Aircraft, for both, National and International collaborations, i.e: C-101, Eurofighter, F-18 and UAVs till his retirement in May’ 2022. 

Most part of the activities were dedicated to Eurofighter program as part of Weights Working Group together with the partner Companies ALENIA, BAES and AIRBUS-Germany covering practically all life Cycle of the Program (Development, Production and in-Service). 

Member of SAWE since 2002 José Mª has participate in several events: 

Member of organization committee during 4th CE Chapter Regional Conference in Madrid in 2002. Attendance to the 65th SAWE International Conference in Los Angeles (USA) in 2006. Member of organization committee during 66th International Conference in Madrid in 2007. Member of organization committee during 71st International Conference in Munich in 2012.Member of organization committee during 5th CE Chapter Regional Conference in Hamburg in 2015. 

He is also member of LTH (Luftfahrttechnisches Handbuch) Mass Analysis Panel participating to several workshops. 

Chapter Editor : Miguel Mascaray
Retired ( Airbus )

Miguel developed his professional career for more than 35 years working in the former C.A.S.A. (1983-2000) and later in AIRBUS (2000-2020). 

Being involved not only in internal projects (CN-235,A320,A330,A340,A380,A350,A400M) but also in others that were developed in close collaboration with several aeronautical companies (MD11,Saab-2000, Dornier 728), he acquired a long experience in aircraft mass properties processes and associated tools, from conceptual phases to the end of their operational life, knowing in detail the implication that different configurations, technologies, materials and manufacturing processes have on the mass of an aircraft. 

Member of SAWE-CEC for more than 20 years, he has collaborated closely with our Society as Co-Chairman of the 2007 International conference in Madrid and he was Technical Director of SAWE from 2012 to 2016 where he introduced our Technical Forums and as we know them today.   Miguel is author of several trainings and lecturer at the University of Madrid where he teaches a Mass Properties module within the Master of Aircraft Aerostructures Technology.