3157. IMPACT - Innovative Mass Properties Analysis CATIA Tool or Weight and Balance 2.2 Customized Solution

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Title3157. IMPACT - Innovative Mass Properties Analysis CATIA Tool or Weight and Balance 2.2 Customized Solution
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3157
Year of Publication2001
AuthorsFlamand, Jean-Marc
Conference60th Annual Conference, Arlington, Texas, May 19-23
Conference LocationArlington, Texas
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/19/01

Impact is a mass property distribution tool developed by Bombardier Aerospace and ACT (Alliance Commercial and Technology). This new tool is a customized solution of the ACT Weight and Balance V3.2 application for CATIA.

The new application includes the basic functionality of the W&B ACT application plus the following:

• Ability analyze all CATIA models loaded in the user work session.
• Cut most of the CATIA elements in a model(s) to extract, center of gravity, and inertia distribution data. The data is then use in the weight data for stress and dynamic analysis report.
• Code each CATIA element to produce a detail weight statement (ref: SAWE recommended practice #8A) with an integrated code table.
• Automatic code attribution for each CATIA element to produce a geographical weight statement.
• User interface to validate data prior to the initiation of the compute process.
• Result of analysis may be appended to an existing file or saved under a new file.
• Output analysis data can be organized in an assembly drawing structure via the validation panel.
• Analysis can be performed through an overnight batch process. Results and error log files are sent by e-mail to the user account.

Key Words12. Weight Engineering - Computer Applications
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