76th International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering

Technical Tracks

76th SAWE International Conference
on Mass Properties Engineering

May 20-25, 2017
Montreal, Canada


Robert Zimmerman
Vice President – Technical Director
Lockheed Martin - Retired
Werner Sellner
Deputy VP Technical Director
Sellner Aerostructures

Rick Watkins
VP Technical Director

Werner Massinger
Deputy VP Technical Director
Airbus D & S


The Society of Allied Weight Engineers has been promoting the exchange of technical information about Mass Properties Engineering since 1939. As we enter our 76th year of holding International Conferences, the SAWE welcomes those engineers who have created new technical information to exchange, and those who will participate in our 76th Annual Conference on Mass Properties Engineering to learn about these technical advances. The SAWE brings mass properties professionals from all around the world to partake in a meaningful interchange of ideas, culminating in two days of Technical Tracks on various aspects of mass properties.

The annual SAWE conference is an opportunity for mass properties professionals to interact and share information that is vital to excellence in mass properties execution. Plan on attending the technical sessions with the attendant paper presentations, and meet your colleagues from literally around the world.

The 2017 Conference technical sessions will include topics ranging from Aircraft Loading to Offshore Weight Engineering, in two complete days of papers, presentations, and what is fast becoming an SAWE tradition, the Technical Forum audience participation debate on one specific topic of mass properties. 


Call for Papers and Instructions to Authors

Submit Abstracts


Some of the papers planned for this conference are:


3673 A Recommended Weight Margin Approach for Wet Undersea Vehicles, William Boze, Newport News Shipbuilding

3674  A Weight Analysis of Civil War Ironclad CSS Virginia, Nicholas Marickovich, Newport News Shipbuilding

3675  Weight Management During Engineering Development - 2016 SAWE Survey Results, Douglas Fisher, UTC Aerospace Systems

3676  Weight Control: Idealistic vs Realism, R. Alan Bird, Fincantieri Marinette Marine

3677  Considerations for Reviewing Ship and Submarine Weight Reports, David Tellet, Retired

3678  Submarine Static Stability, David Tellet, Retired

3679 Design and Optimization of an Aluminum Structure Assembled Using Elastic Fastening, Clement Laverne, Université de Sherbrooke 

3680 Building a Team to Drive Innovation - A Hyperloop Example, Graeme Klim, Ryerson University

3681  Simultaneous use of Multiple Load Measuring Devices for Weighings in the Offshore Oil Industry, Dave Bennett, WorleyParsons

3682  Allowance vs. Contingency in the Offshore Oil Industry, Dave Bennett, WorleyParsons

3683  Capability Assessment of a MPE organization, Andreas Schuster, Meta MPE

3684  Appurtenance Buoyancy - Mass Properties Management of Offshore Systems, Andreas Schuster, Meta MPE

3685 Design of an Internal Aerodynamic Load Cell for Static or Oscillating Airfoils, Kamal Benmiloud, Université de Sherbrooke

3686 Statistical Mass Properties Predictions for a Production Program, Ricardo Roy, United Launch Alliance, Retired 

3687 An Initial Parametric Weight Compendium for Ships, David Hansch, Newport News Shipbuilding

3688 Uncertainty Analysis Applied to Two Historic Inclining Experiments, David Hansch, Newport News Shipbuilding

3690 Optimization of Environmental Control System for Corporate Jets, Ragaa Mitry, Gulfstream Aerospace 

3691 Methods to Evaluate the Mass Properties of a Scale Model Aircraft, Eetu Kohtanen & R. Benjamin Davis, University of Georgia

3692 Aircraft Systems Physics-Based Weight Estimation Methods for Conceptual Design, Ali Tfaily, Bombardier Aerospace

3693 A Random Method for Picking Module Stowage Solutions for Barges, Robert Hundl, Fluor


Some of the presentations planned for this conference are:


Weight Management of Large Offshore Oil Projects, Dave Bennett, WorleyParsons

High Performance Engineering Thermoplastics, Victor Hillyard, Ensinger 

Lesson Learned of Statistical Mass Estimation of Fighter and Trainer Aicraft, Werner Sellner, Retired 

Hybrid Aircraft, A Different Look At Transportation Kevin Tharp, Lockheed Martin Corporation 

Optimization-Driven Design for Lightweight StructuresTony Norton, Altair



SAWE Technical Form

This year we will debate:

Model Based and Collaborative Aspects in Engineering and how Mass Properties Engineers Integrate into this Environment

Jeffrey Cerro
SAWE Honorary Fellow
NASA Langley Research Center


Overview: Mass Properties Engineers need to integrate with complex system developments that are growing in a more formalized manner. This brings up issues such as what the mass model looks like over time and maturity on a project, how is the data contractually prescribed, and how do MPE’s interact with the other disciplines in general throughout the product design/develop/test/operate phases.  The discussion will begin with the somewhat traditional engineering collaboration formalizations such as Product Data Management and Product Lifecycle Management. How has Mass Properties faired in those development paradigms? Then we move on to the fast growing area of performing in a “Model Based” engineering environment. What does it mean to perform Model Based product development/deployment, what in particular does it mean to the Mass Properties Engineer? Modern Systems Engineering languages tailored to integrate Mass Properties data, both static and dynamic into project based and executable models will be discussed. SAWE will be impacting what these integrations are and how they will occur, and you will be impacting that work with your participation in this year’s technical forum.