76th International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering

Standards and Practices Day

76th SAWE International Conference
on Mass Properties Engineering

May 20-25, 2017
Montreal, Canada 


Andy Schuster
Vice President Standards and Practices
SAWE Honorary Fellow
Meta MPE


The objective of the SAWE’s Standards and Practices Committee (SnP), is to foster the development of products that make our professional activities more ef cient, more consistent, more valuable for society, of today and tomorrow, as well as clearer and more understandable to our customers.

This objective is so important that SAWE dedicates a whole day of the conference to these non-proprietary, consensus forums for the development of industry products. The work is led by Industry Committees (IC) that focus on Recommended Practices, SAWE/ANSI Standards, textbooks, and handbooks. All of these documents capture mass properties engineering knowledge such as customer requirements, best practices, experience, and product and/or process standards.

Planned SnP Events

Morning Opening Session – A kickoff to the day’s activities will be a review of the SnP over the past year, status of recommended practices, standards, textbooks, and the handbook, followed by a review of any strategic changes.

Morning Industry Committee Workshops
The Airline Affairs, Marine, Military Aircraft, Missiles and Space Systems Committees will have full day workshops for detailed discussions. Industry Committee Chairs will meet to hold their own agendas that address industry needs and opportunities, the year’s activities, and future plans. Present standards are reviewed for currency and new standards are formulated.

Planning Meetings
The Cross Industry, Ground Vehicle, and Offshore Industry Committees, as well as the Special Committees for the Handbook update, and new Textbooks will each hold short in-person planning meetings at different times during the day. These are open to all attendees, but these executive sessions are typically focused on strategic plans and the current status of specific documents.

Luncheon with Industry Speaker

Afternoon Industry Committee Workshops and Planning Meetings are continued.

Industry Committee Chair Wrap Up – where a summary of the day’s activities are presented.

Attendees are encouraged to listen and provide comments at all the meetings. However, if you have something to share with the Industry Committee, please consider providing your perspective by any of the following:

  • Preparing a technical paper that details an existing or new best practice, methodology, etc.
  • Giving a presentation to describe a current issue that is worthwhile discussing in the workshop
  • Presenting a Training Class outline based on current SAWE documents (RPs, Textbooks, etc.)

Please contact VP SnP at standards@sawe.org if you would like to contribute to the meeting. I will get you in touch with the correct Industry Committee chair, the VP Technical Director, or the VP Training .

We welcome new ideas, new participants, and new contributions. Help us improve our profession by participating in SAWE SnP activities.