74th International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering


74th SAWE International Conference
on Mass Properties Engineering
May 18-21, 2015
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Alexandria, Virginia, USA



General Conference Registration

Registration for the “Technical Conference” for 1,2, or 3 days is required for everyone attending or participating in any of the Technical sessions (Monday and Wednesday) and the SPC Day (Tuesday). Non-members must pay an additional fee to attend the Technical sessions and/or the SPC Day. Only by registering can you obtain a Conference Badge, which is required for admittance to these events.

Those people that are doing training only, only pay for training. Members and Non-members are welcome to our hotel events, including the Welcome, SPC Luncheon, Awards Banquet, and any of the day tours planned, by signing up for “events only.”

Advance registration is strongly advised. Payment of all applicable Registration Fees by credit card, check, or cash is required prior to or at the time you obtain your badge and conference materials at Registration. There are NO exceptions to this, including for exhibitor representatives. General Registration fees are as follows. Students, Retirees, Authors, and Presenters, please see the fees identified under the Special Conference Registration section. 


Registration Level Fee1 Registered Event Fee: Access to Conference

SAWE Members
3-Day Registration $900 $10* $10* $70 Yes
2-Day Registration $600 $10 $50 $70 No
1-Day Registration $300 $10 $50 $70 No
3-Day Registration $1000 $10* $10* $70 Yes
2-Day Registration $700 $10 $50 $70 No
1-Day Registration $400 $10 $50 $70 No

* For the 74th International Conference, ALL attendees and exhibitors must separately register and pay for the Welcome Reception and SPC Luncheon. This is to improve headcounts for food budgeting and help eliminate excess costs to the conference. Exhibitors and attendees with 3-day registrations are granted a discounted fee for each event (see the Conference Registered Events section).

  1. All registrations conducted after May 6, 2015 extended to May 15th, will incur a $50 Late Charge over and above the listed fees. We therefore encourage all parties to pre-register prior to this date, even if your company has not yet authorized your attendance or you know you will be paying your fees upon arrival at the conference instead of at the time of registration. There is no charge to cancel a registration.
  2. All qualifying registered attendees will be granted access to all SAWE papers presented at the conference by means of a password and link to allow access to them electronically. The links will be forwarded to the attendance list shortly after the conference. As a benefit of SAWE membership, members also have free access to all presented papers from past conferences one year or more previous to the current conference.
  3. Non-members registering for the conference automatically incur a $100 non-member fee. Since current SAWE membership dues are $60/year, consideration should be made to becoming an SAWE member at registration instead.


Special Conference Registration

Full-time students, retirees, authors of SAWE conference papers, and conference presenters (who do not submit an associated paper for the presentation) are all eligible for Special Conference Registration fees. Please note that all Registration Fees must be paid in full by credit card, check, or cash prior to or at the time you obtain your badge and conference materials at Registration. There are NO to exceptions this. 


Registration Level Fee What does this fee include?
Access to Conference
Full-time Students and Retirees
Student (Full-time undergraduate)
or Retiree
$30 No No No No
Authors and Presenters
Author (non-student) Complimentary 1-day registration 
on day paper is presented
for one individual per paper only 
No No No No
Author (student) Complimentary 3-day registration
for all authors or co-authors
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Presenter (without SAWE paper submittal) Complimentary 1-day registration
for day of presentation
No No No No


Training Registration

 Class Member
One two-day class $1,000
One full-day class: $500

Course registrations must be completed no later than April 30, 2015, to ensure your seat in the class, and to allow for pre-planning by the instructor and preparation of sufficient class materials. Exceptions will be considered ONLY if class space remains after the aforementioned date. Class sizes are limited, and enrollment is subject to availability. The SAWE reserves the right to cancel or combine classes if enrollment does not meet the minimum requirements.