72nd International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering, May 18 - 23, 2013, St. Louis, Missouri

Standards and Practices

72nd Annual International Conference 
on Mass Properties Engineering
May 18-22, 2013
St. Louis Union Station Hotel
St. Louis, Missouri

Alan Titcomb
Standards and Practices Committee Chairman
Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding

Standards and Practices Day

The objective of the SAWE’s Standards and Practices Committee, or SPC, is to serve the mass properties profession by providing a non-proprietary, consensus forum for the development of industry products that respond to the needs of our members and their customers. Much of this work centers on Recommended Practices, or RPs, of many types including requirements, best practices, product and process standards. SPC activities are not limited to RPs alone. Just about any activity that serves the society membership in a given industry sector is acceptable. Past examples have included textbooks, handbooks, and industry surveys. An unofficial objective of the SPC is to foster the development of products that make our professional activities more efficient, more consistent, and more valuable for the professionals of today and tomorrow as well as clearer and more understandable to our customers.

Planned SPC Events

The SPC is such an important activity that the SAWE dedicates an entire day to it. That day will feature the following highlights:

Opening Session – A kickoff to the day’s activities at which the year’s progress will be reviewed, our progress towards becoming an official ANSI-recognized Standards Developing Organization will be presented, and future objectives will be discussed.

SPC Breakout Sessions – During these meetings chaired by industry and government leaders, industry needs and opportunities are reviewed, the year’s activities are presented, and future activities are planned. Present standards are reviewed for currency and new standards are formulated. Specific industry breakout sessions include: Marine, Military Aircraft, Offshore Systems, Missiles and Space Systems, Airline Affairs, and Ground Systems.

In these sessions, sample topics of discussion include:

  • Where do the committees stand with respect to work in progress?
  • How did the committees do with respect to the objectives established during last year’s conference?
  • What new standards are needed by industry?
  • What is the highest priority for each committee to accomplish in the coming year?

The SPC welcomes all members and visitors to participate and improve the mass properties profession as it relates to your specific industry. We always welcome new ideas, new participants, and new contributions. Help us improve our profession by participating in SAWE SPC activities.


Standards and Practices Luncheon

Dave Glover

Dave Glover
St. Louis Radio Personality

Dave Glover began his professional career as a lawyer, but quickly decided he wanted a job where clients did not threaten to kill him. Today, he is the host of the popular “Dave Glover Show” afternoons on KFTK radio.

In an industry where radio stations change their call letters, formats, and on-air personalities about as often as some people change their bath towels, the “Dave Glover Show,” popularly known as the DGS, has consistently been one of the top-rated shows for some ten years. Today, the DGS is the #1 afternoon show in the St. Louis market (available elsewhere by smart phone app), and Dave and his cast of characters are always at or near the top of just about every listener demographic. Add in Dave’s three “Missouri Broadcaster of the Year” awards, and you can see how the DGS has become the “must listen to show” on weekday afternoons, with a lively mix of topical issues, original comedy, celebrity interviews, and real “Slice of Life” discussions with his audience. Outside of the studio, Dave does numerous remote broadcasts, community and charity events, and of course, the annual Dave Glover Halloween Show.

Dave will address us on “Using Humor as a Basis of Communications”. While the main format of the DGS is light and wacky humor, as a broadcaster, he does not shy away from hot-button social, political, and religious topics. Dave understands how to use humor to create an implicit trust and familiarity in his audience that allows for complex discussions that do not feel forced or phony. We, as engineers who deal with complex data and have to present it to managers, coworkers, and customers in an understandable manner, may learn some tips and tricks for our own presentation and communication styles.