Technical Tracks

Announcement69th Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
Virginia Beach, Virginia
May 22-26, 2010
Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront

Robert J. Hundl
Vice President - Technical Director
The Boeing Company

Since its inception in 1939, the purpose of the SAWE has been to promote the exchange of technical information and new ideas in Mass Properties Engineering. The SAWE International Conference is the annual meeting that brings together mass properties professionals from throughout the world. These dedicated men and women work in close cooperation with and address the needs of industry, government, and other engineering and manufacturing organizations. The 2010 Technical Tracks are a result of input from these mass properties professionals with the combined efforts of the International Officers, the 2010 conference committee, and the Technical Committee.

We, as engineering professionals, again have the opportunity to learn firsthand about important initiatives, research, and the latest developments in our discipline through specialized technical tracks and discussions. Since ours is a community of practicing engineers as well as a unique engineering discipline, this interchange is a special opportunity for all of those who participate. We especially encourage young engineers to take the opportunity to learn directly from more experienced peers and colleagues. This conference is a forum for individual presentations and panel discussions on applied mass properties technology for the design, manufacturing, testing, and utilization of air, land, sea, and space vehicles and their associated systems/ subsystems.

The first and third days of the conference will consist of eight different technical discussion tracks. The supplier exposition again offers all attendees the opportunity to view new products, technology, and processes firsthand. This conference is the only one of its kind in the industry and always provides the opportunity for broadened personal contact with other members of the profession and leaders in industry and government(s).

Projected Technical Papers

3490 Automotive Mass Properties Estimation
Brian Weigard, Retired
3491 The Secret Life of the Center of Gravity
Robert Zimmerman, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Kristen M. Terry, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
3492 Explosion Welding and Bi-Metal Transitions for Weight Management
Michael Blakely, Dynamic Materials Corporation
3493 An Expanded Study - SAWE Paper 3468, Quantifying Uncertainty and Risk in Vehicle Mass Properties throughout the Design Development Phase
William Boze, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
Elizabeth Heaney, Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
3494 An Error Propagation Analysis of Small Engine Mass Properties Measurements
Anthony Primozich, 577th AESG/YJ, Wright-Patterson AFB
3495 Using PHP/MySQL to Manage Potential Mass Properties Impacts
Benjamin Hagar, Jacobs Engineering
3496 Aircraft Structural Weight Reduction via Damage Tolerance and FEM Techniques
Dr. Arif Zaidi, Cessna Aircraft Company
3497 New Mass Properties Engineers’ Aerospace Ballasting Challenge Facilitated by the SAWE Community
Amanda Cutright, Brendan Shaughnessy, NASA Langley Research Center
3498 Introduction of a Mass Management Software - Our experiences
Claudia Rosenberger, usb GmbH
Uwe Küper, EADS, MEG 68
3499 Some Estimating Methods for Weight Allowances for Marine Systems
Andy Schuster, SBM Atlantia
3500 Technical Feasibility Study for the Measurement of the Inertia Properties of an Aircraft
Giorgio Previati, Massimiliano Gobbi, Giampiero Mastinu, PolitecnicodiMilano, Department of Mechanical Engineering; Milano, Italy
3501 Simulation-based Transitional Stability Criteria for Submarines
David Tellet, U. S. Naval Sea Systems Command
3502 Development of Inertia Model for 787 Flight Simulator and Flight Test
Patrick Mitchell, The Boeing Company
Allan Balliet, The Boeing Company
3503 Carefree Handling For Current Aerodynamically Instable Fighters: Resulting Requirements On Mass Properties Handling As Well As In-Service Operation
Gregor Lehnertz, EADS - Military Air Systems
3504 Method for Finding Min and Max Values for Error Range for Calculation of Moment of Inertia
Runar Aasen, BAS Engineering
Bruce Hays, DRS Defense Solutions-Advanced Technology Center
3505 Early Stage Weight and CoG Estimation using Parametric Formulas and Regression on Historical Data
Runar Aasen, BAS Engineering
Stein Bjorhovde, BAS Engineering
3506 System and Subsystems Mass Analytics
Stefano Morandotti, Altair
3507 A Practical Method to Improve Moment of Inertia Measurement Accuracy for FORMOSAT-3 Satellites
Heng-Chuan Hung, Tawian National Space Organization (NSPO)