Technical Tracks

67th Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
Seattle, Washington
May 17-22, 2008
Seattle Renaissance Hotel

Thomas SchultzThomas M. Schultz
Vice President - Technical Director
The Boeing Company

Since its inception in 1939, the purpose of the SAWE has been to promote the exchange of technical information and new ideas in Mass Properties Engineering. The SAWE International Conference is the annual meeting that brings together mass properties professionals from throughout the world. These dedicated men and women work in close cooperation with and address the needs of industry, government, and other engineering and manufacturing organizations. The 2008 Technical Tracks are a result of input from these mass properties professionals with the combined efforts of the International Officers, the 2008 conference committee, and the Technical Committee.

We, as engineering professionals, again have the opportunity to learn firsthand about important initiatives, research, and the latest developments in our discipline through specialized technical tracks and discussions. Since ours is a community of practicing engineers as well as a unique engineering discipline, this interchange is a special opportunity for all of those who participate. We especially encourage young engineers to take the opportunity to learn directly from more experienced peers and colleagues. This conference is a forum for individual presentations and panel discussions on applied mass properties technology for the design, manufacturing, testing and utilization of air, land, sea and space vehicles and their associated systems/subsystems.

The first and third days of the conference will consist of eight different technical discussion tracks. The supplier exposition again offers all attendees the opportunity to view new products, technology and processes firsthand. This conference is the only one of its kind in the industry and always provides the opportunity for broadened personal contact with other members of the profession and leaders in industry and government(s).

Projected Technical Papers

Monday - May 19, 2008
3436 Instant CG
Amith Kalaghatagi – GEC
3437 Development and Implementation of a Space Systems Mass Properties Process
Jesse Peterson – ATK Launch Systems
Otto Ratz – ATK Launch Systems
Angela Trego – ATK Launch Systems
3438 Making the Transition from the Comfort Zone to the Unknown
Todd Brown – General Atomics
Richard Raines – NAVAIR
Gerry Tschabold – NAVAIR
3440 E-Standards for Mass Properties Engineering
Jeff Cerro - NASA Langley Research Center
3442 Knowledge Management in a “Need to Know” Environment
Alan Jordan – The Boeing Company
3448 The Role of Effective Mass Property Management in a Global Product Creation Process
Claudia Heim – usb
Holger Pertermann – usb
3450 Boeing Usage of FEA-Based Structural Optimization Software
Greg Rucks – The Boeing Company
3452 Queuing Analysis Methods for Decision Making
Pat Brown – Cessna Aircraft Company
3453 Modernizing Inclining Experiment Tools and Methods
David Tellet - Naval Sea Systems Command
3454 Submarine Trim Dive Weight Growth
David Tellet – Naval Sea Systems Command
3455 Submarine Lead and Margin Attrition
David Tellet – Naval Sea Systems Command
3456 Level or Not to Level:The Analysis of a Single Engine Weighing Process
Jonathan Kaufman - Cessna Aircraft Company
3457 How Mass Properties Affect Satellite Attitude Control
Richard Boynton – Space Electronics, LLC (Retired)
3458 Methods of Determining the Longitudinal Weight Distribution of a Ship
David Hansch – Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
3459 An Approach Towards Estimating and Validating Ship Stowage and Stowage Content Weight
Bill Boze – Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding
3460 Balancing a Satellite Mass About its Own Bearings
Paul Kennedy – Space Electronics, LLC
Kurt Wiener – Space Electronics, LLC
Pres BCA Weight Engineering Data Management Systems
Alan Jordan – The Boeing Company
Wednesday - May 21, 2008
3438 Making the Transition from the Comfort Zone to the Unknown
Todd Brown – General Atomics
Richard Raines – NAVAIR
Gerry Tschabold – NAVAIR
3439 The 747 Large Cargo Freighter Loading Schedule
Joyce Nugent – The Boeing Company
3441 Utilizing the Advantages of RFID Technology in Weight Engineering
Corrie Gowland – The Boeing Company
Melissa Marszalek – The Boeing Company
3443 Overhead Space Utilization in Long-Range Commercial Aircraft
Ralph Druckman – The Boeing Company
3444 Using Carbon Fiber to Create Thermally Conductive Sandwich Panels
Tim Dardis – The Boeing Company
3446 Weight Engineer Responsibility, Authority and Accountability
Ken LaSalle – The Boeing Company
3447 Developmental and Operational Considerations of the 747 Dreamlifter
Ryan Kwaterski – The Boeing Company
Pres E/A-18G – A New Dog in the Fight
Joe Ramey – The Boeing Company
Pres New Generation Load Control Systems
Tom Farncombe – Amadeus Corporation

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