Registration and Hotel Information

67th Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
Seattle, Washington
May 17-22, 2008
Seattle Renaissance Hotel

General Information


The 67th Annual International Conference will be held at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle, WA.


Seattle Renaissance Hotel
515 Madison Street
Seattle, Washington 98104 USA
Phone: 1-206-583-0300
Toll-free: 1-800-546-9184
Fax: 1-206-447-0992

Be sure to input the SAWE Room Block code SWESWEA when reserving a room to ensure that you receive the appropriate rate of $176.00 per night plus 15.6% tax (total cost $203.46 per night). Complimentary high- speed Internet is available in all guest rooms.

A credit card is required for reservations, and the card must be valid through the check-out date. A room will not be confirmed unless a confirmation number is provided to you by the hotel. Reservations must be received on or before May 2, 2008. If reservations are not made by this date, you will not be permitted to use the special SAWE rate.

Hotel reservations are not included in conference registration and must be booked separately.

Transportation to/from the Airport

The nearest airport is SeaTac Airport. It is not necessary to rent a vehicle at the airport to get from the airport to the hotel, and you will not need a vehicle during the conference unless you expect to venture away from the hotel on your own.

Unfortunately, the hotel does not have a specialized airport shuttle. They do recommend Gray Line of Seattle for your transportation needs. Gray Line offers a Downtown Airporter bus line whose first stop upon leaving the airport is the Renaissance hotel! The bus picks up at SeaTac approximately every half hour. For more information about this bus service, including schedules, telephone (800) 426-7532 or book online at Bus fare is approximately $17 round-trip.

Although Gray Line is, by far, the cheapest way to get from the airport to the Renaissance Hotel, there are many other ways. There is a taxi stand just outside baggage claim at the airport, and they will take you to the hotel for approximately $35. Shared ride shuttles or hired cars can also be booked for various rates. For more information on these options, please visit the Port of Seattle website at

Conference Registration

Click Here for Online Conference Registration

Conference registration is required for all those who wish to attend the conference technical sessions or training and who wish to receive conference credentials. Advance registration is advised and offers special discounted rates. Registration fees for 2008 are as follows:

3 Day - Members * $525
1 Day - Members $200
3 Day - Retired Members & Students $30
1 Day - Retired Members & Students $10

*G/I Luncheon is included in registration fee

A late fee of $50 will be charged for those who do not register prior to the May 2, 2008 deadline.

Training Registration

Each Full-Day Class $250
Each Half-Day Class $125
Each Vendor Class $25

* Prices do not include required conference registration fee.

Students must pay a full conference registration for the day of the class (Monday to Wednesday) and the weekend classes require at least a one-day conference registration. SAWE membership is required for all students.

Registration must be completed by May 8, 2008 to ensure your seat in the class but advance registration is not required if space remains after the aforementioned registration date. Class sizes are limited, and enrollment is subject to availability. SAWE reserves the right to cancel or combine classes if registration does not meet the minimum requirements for student interaction.

Non-Member Fees

A $100 fee will be charged to non-members who wish to attend the conference. SAWE suggests that you instead purchase a membership at $50, which includes the $5 enrollment fee, or purchase a membership with the SAWE Handbook on CD for $75. Membership is $45 annually.

Social Events

Reservations for special/social events should be made at time of conference registration. Space is limited and is subject to availability. Payment must be received upon request of event registration and will not be confirmed until payment is received. All event registration information will be retained by the Social Events Chairs and may be verified at time of conference check-in if desired. All social events are detailed in this announcement, and prices are listed below.

Hotel Events:

Saturday - Board of Directors Lunch $25
Sunday - Welcome Reception $50
Tuesday - Government/Industry Lunch* $55
Wednesday - Awards Banquet $60

* Government/Industry Lunch included with full 3-day registration.


Sunday Event – Seattle Center $100
Monday Event – Pioneer Square $35
Monday Event – Tillicum Village $100
Tuesday Event – Pike’s Place Market $50
Wednesday Event – Beverage Tour $70
Thursday Event – Boeing Tour $50


Other Information

Seattle is well-known for its mild and damp climate. It is often cold and rainy in May, so please bring appropriate attire if you plan to venture out into the city; a light coat and an umbrella are advised. Walking shoes will be preferred for the social events, and some classes and tours require special footwear.


Inquiries about SAWE should be made to the Executive Director.

Ron Fox
Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
5734 Lucia Walk
Long Beach, CA 90803-4015 USA
Phone: 562-596-2873
Fax : 562-596-2874

For inquiries about the 2008 Conference please use the conference Contact Form.