Government/Industry Workshops

67th Annual International Conference on Mass Properties Engineering
Seattle, Washington
May 17-22, 2008
Seattle Renaissance Hotel

Jeffery CerroJeffery A. Cerro
Government / Industry Committee Chairman
NASA Langley Research Center

International Mass Properties Engineers in all disciplines will be very interested in attending this year’s Government/Industry workshop. It has been a long time coming but based upon recent industry comment and government experience, the process of maintaining and creating standards and best practices for engineering is under a state of proactive retrospection. SAWE has been an active part of the standards process before, during, and now after the early initiatives of U.S. acquisition reform goals. We understand how to participate in the modern process of creating industry/professional society based Voluntary Consensus Standards and can be a leader in making the process productive for us and all government/industry stakeholders. Our systems engineering based “Top Level Functional Recommended Practice (FRP)” is now at a draft state and should be available for broader membership review after the G/I day meeting. Discussion of this document as well as discussion on sub-tier documents pertaining to both Mass Properties Engineering “generic” and “technically specific” best practices will occur in the G/I workshop. Additional topics subject for status presentation may include Training Initiatives, Website development, and the SAWE Handbook. SAWE hopes to see many contributors and generally interested participants at this year’s G/I meeting. Vendors, please note that the definition of a consensus standards development process means your ideas are of primary importance to the creation of modern standards and your participation is encouraged.

Planned Government/Industry Day Summary of Events:

Joint Session:

The morning session on G/I day (Tuesday) will be a joint session where all transportation sectors meet together to listen to the past years activities and discuss advancement of those or other initiatives. Invited speakers have been solicited from industry to obtain input on recent initiatives related to the general fields of Mass Properties Engineering and Engineering Standards. A new SAWE Recommended Practice document hierarchy and associated proposed controlling FRP, “Mass Properties Control and Management for Commercial and Military Vehicle Systems” will be presented.

Reporting / discussion is also planned for the following topics:

  • The status of “bottoms-up” recommended practice development in the areas of:
    • on-board weight and balance
    • measurement accuracy
    • vendor weight control
  • The status of SAWE textbooks and handbooks
  • SAWE website developments
  • Future Standards - E-standards, Simulation and Object Oriented Programming

Transportation Sector Breakout Sessions:

In the afternoon of G/I day we will break into our traditional transportation sector based groups so that each of those groups may focus on activities which are more specific to their particular products. The breakout meetings scheduled for this year are:

  • Marine Systems
  • Airline Affairs
  • Military Aircraft
  • Missiles and Space Systems
  • Ground Systems

Towards the end of the afternoon we will reconvene in a joint session to hear a summary of accomplishments from the breakout sessions and to summarize our goals for SAWE year 2008-2009. Any conference participant interested in attending a breakout session is welcome to participate and gain more in-depth knowledge of a particular group’s activities.

Government/Industry Luncheon:

The Government and Industry luncheon is an excellent opportunity to attend a talk given by a renowned government or industry representative. The luncheon is open to and should be of interest to all conference participants. This year’s distinguished speaker is yet to be announced.