Training Program

Andy SchusterSAWE TrainingAndy Schuster
Vice President - Training and HR
Northrop Grumman Newport News

At the 66th Annual Conference, the SAWE Training program offers the following classes for your professional development. The material offered in the classes should be complemented with on-the-job experience and other professional development before you are proficient in any area. As the classes are offered to expand the expertise of all Mass Properties Engineers, we hope MPEs from the marine field will take airline or aircraft classes. The classes consist of lectures, exercises, and discussion. Each student will receive a copy of the training materials and a certificate upon completion. The dress code is business casual since all the classes will be held in the hotel. SAWE reserves the right to cancel or merge classes if registration before April 25 does not meet the minimum standards for student interaction.

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Class schedule for Madrid:

Class Instructor Date Time
Fleet Weight vs. Individual Weighing Kiscellus Saturday, May 26 AM
CG Curtailment Guidelines Kiscellus PM
New Officer Training Schuster PM
SAWE Product Development Schuster PM
Measuring Mass Properties Clay Sunday, May 27 all day
Helicopter Preliminary Design Lucero all day
Structural Optimization Anderson Monday, May 28 all day
Airline W&B Ops Kiscellus all day
Marine Weight Estimating Schuster Tuesday, May 29 AM
Overview of RP-7 for Military Aircraft Cate all day
Overview of RP-7 - Class 1/2 Day Cate AM
MOI Exhibitor Class - Space Electronics Kennedy PM
AWBS Smoot Wednesday, May 30 all day