SAWE RP A-1, 1982a: Requirements for Aircraft On Board Weight and Balance System

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Requirements for Aircraft On Board Weight and Balance System
Document Number: 
RP A-1
Year Issued: 
Date Issued: 
11 April 2018
Prepared by: 

Government/Industry Workshop - Air Vehicle Operations


In the immediate future, the On Board Weight and Balance System (OBWBS) application will probably only function as a check of the conventional weight and balance manifest. However, the intent of this specification is to provide a primary system of weight and balance control which is supported by a manifest system. Eventually, an OBWBS may be totally automatic providing a computerized check of all the mass property limitations involved; however, that kind of OBWBS hardware is currently beyond the scope of this document. The actual application of this specification is, of course, up to the user.

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