Call for Papers and Instructions to Authors

78thAnnual International Conference on Mass Properties
May 18-23, 2019
Norfolk, Virginia

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2019 International Conference - Call for Papers


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These instructions provide information you need to prepare a technical paper and make a presentation of it at the Annual International Conference of the Society of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc. The instructions are organized in six parts:

  1. Timetable and points of contact for authors
  2. Required format for a technical paper
  3. Things to consider while writing a technical paper
  4. Preparing for the conference
  5. Guidance for clear writing (Appendix A)
  6. Best Paper Award (Appendix B)

Part 1, the timetable and points of contact, is specific to this year's conference and your point of contact in the Society. Your point of contact in the Society has the official title of Technical Track Co-chairman. Parts 2-5 are generic. They apply to any author participating in any SAWE conference.

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July 2018

SAWE issues the Call for Papers for the 2019 international conference.


Tell your Track Co-chairmen or the Vice President – Technical Director (VPTD) that you intend to write a paper for the conference. Give him your paper title and a preliminary abstract if possible.

14 Dec. 2018

Your final abstract should be in the Technical Director’s hands, if possible, for use in assigning your paper to a conference technical track. Abstracts will still be accepted after this date; however, the December cutoff decides which papers will be listed in the formal conference announcement.

Jan. 2019

The Vice President – Technical Director will begin assigning authors their SAWE Paper and category numbers.

Feb. 2019

Conference Announcement and registration materials are sent out. When you receive your material, complete the registration on-line or mail the forms as noted in the announcement instructions. All authors MUST register for the conference.

05 April 2019

Forward one copy of your finished paper to your Track Co-chairmen and the Vice President – Technical Director (an electronic copy is required, 1) PDF for judging and official purposes and 2) Microsoft Word®format for publication in SAWE journal). The VPTD will create a PDF copy if the author is unable to do so. You must meet this date to be eligible for the Best Paper Award. Make sure you include a short biography of yourself in the paper; as it will be used to introduce you at your track. Notify your Track Co-chairmen of your audio-visual/computer equipment needs for presenting the paper.


Or submit your paper to the SAWE website using the following URL:

19 May 2019

Hotel Check-in, Conference Registration, Evening conference opening reception, where you can meet your track co-chairs.

20-22 May 2019

Group photographs will be taken just prior to scheduled session/track for all chairman and presenters. Please attend this event to assist in the taking of group photographs and the final planning of the day’s schedule.

For additional information contact the Vice President – Technical Director:


NOTE: Most dates above are “no-later-than” dates. Papers and materials received BEFORE the deadlines are appreciated.