3631. Weighing the B-25 Classic Aircraft

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Title3631. Weighing the B-25 Classic Aircraft
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number3631
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsJohnston, J., Kleine L., Pierson J., and Velasquez V.
Conference74th Annual Conference, Alexandria, Virginia
Conference LocationAlexandria, Virginia
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published05/2015

Aircraft have been flying since December 17, 1903. Keeping older aircraft flying is a challenge. This desire to keep antique aircraft flying takes a group of individuals dedicated to preserving history. The relationship between L-3 and the Commemorative Air Force helps to keep this history alive.

Weighing aircraft built over 50 years ago was a process that required the use of bubble levels, mechanical scales, hand written paper documentation to perform the process of weighing an aircraft and the ability to perform addition, multiplication, and division without a computer. Today with the use of digital levels, Wi-Fi readouts hooked to electronic scales, digital cameras for inventory, and computers with spreadsheets, the weighing processes have become more manageable. Today’s processes also help to minimize the chance of simple arithmetic errors and provide a neat professional output. Digital cameras and photography also help to provide a permanent record of inventory and the entire weighing process. This photographic record may help with reconciliation of the aircraft condition if the weighing results appear incorrect after the weighing and reconciliation have occurred.

This technical paper documents the use of advanced technology to help create accurate weighings and maintain accurate weight and balance records for antique aircraft.

Many of these early aircraft are made from fabric and held together with what is considered today to be primitive structural designs. Some aircraft require significant modifications and repairs to keep them flying and therefore require a reweighing after these modifications are performed.

This paper could also be a useful source for another B-25 owner to help with the process of maintaining weight and balance records. This paper documents the process, the experience and the satisfaction when working with classic aircraft.

Key Words08. Weighing
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