1044. Allowable Stress Estimation Methods for Preliminary Design Weight Prediction

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Title1044. Allowable Stress Estimation Methods for Preliminary Design Weight Prediction
Publication TypeConference Paper
Paper Number1044
Year of Publication1975
AuthorsLewis, L. E., and St. John R. S.
Conference34th Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington, May 5-7
Conference LocationSeattle, Washington
PublisherSociety of Allied Weight Engineers, Inc.
Date Published5/5/75

This paper presents development of allowable stress estimation methods specifically tailored to preliminary design weight prediction. The paper presents a unique analytical technique for projecting test results to cover a large variety of material/temperature combinations, including composite materials. It is shown how this approach overcomes inaccuracies and limitations associated with stress ratioing techniques by providing accountability for material strength limitations such as plasticity. Methods for compression, tension/fatigue and shear are developed. Discussions are limited to primary wing, tail and body structure. Method application examples are included in the paper.

Key Words23. Weight Engineering - Structural Estimation, Mike Hackney Best Paper Award
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L. R. "Mike" Hackney Award